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Revenue-Based Financing

Accelerate your future receivables and turn your predictable revenue into cash today.

Why Flow48 Revenue Financing?


  • Electronic enrollment and approval

  • Funding within 24-48 hours


  • Access capital only when you need it

  • Repayment schedules to fit your business

Balance Sheet Friendly

  • No need to give up equity

  • No need to pledge collateral

How Does Your Business Benefit
from Revenue Financing?

  • Improve your business credit score with accelerated cash conversion.
  • Invest in the growth of your company without giving away equity or taking on expensive and retstrictive debt.
  • Fund short term investments or pay off existing debt with the influx of cash.
  • Extend payment terms to your customers and instantly become a more attractive business partner.

Who is Eligible?

Based in Middle East

Stable business model with predictable revenues

Businesses that have been operating for a minimum of 6 months.

Businesses with predictable and recurring revenue.

How it works


    Create an account


    Register business


    Upload documents


    Select offer


    Receive money

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flow48?

We are a platform that allows companies to access the capital they deserve by providing Revenue-Based Finance services, fueling SME growth.

How is Flow48 better than a bank?

Our underwriting is flexible and fast, it takes us 48 hours from onboarding to disbursement, and you can always revolve your RBF line. We are long term partners.

How much can I apply for?

Our lending limits are set by our proprietary underwriting engine that outputs a risk adjusted proposal based on multiple factors, particularly your revenues. In other words, we have internal lower/upper limits of how much of your yearly revenues we can advance, and your number will be risk adjusted depending on our evaluation.

When do repayments begin?

We can provide up to $20 million in funding. Each company is analysed on a case by case basis so once you sign up and connect your platforms, we will create the best tailored offers for you.

Does my business qualify?

At Flow48 we aim at being a reliable source of capital to meet our clients needs. Unlike many Alternative Lenders, we are actually sector and size agnostic, our mission is to build a financing layer for most if not all SMEs.