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Frequently asked questions

What is Flow48?

We are a platform that allows companies to access the capital they deserve by providing Revenue-Based Finance services, fueling SME growth.

What is Revenue-Based Finance?

It is a modern alternative lending model based on revenues as opposed to assets. Therefore, you are eligible as long as your company generates stable and predictable revenues irrespective of the size of your balance sheet.

How is RBF better than traditional loans?

Repayments are a percentage of monthly revenues rather than a fixed dollar amount, adjusting favorably to your cashflow both on the upside/growth scenario (you repay quicker) and on the contraction/downside (you pay less).

How is Flow48 better than a bank?

Our underwriting is flexible and fast, it takes us 48 hours from onboarding to disbursement, and you can always revolve your RBF line. We are long term partners.

Does my business qualify?

At Flow48 we aim at being a reliable source of capital to meet our clients needs. Unlike many Alternative Lenders, we are actually sector and size agnostic, our mission is to build a financing layer for most if not all SMEs.

How much can I apply for?

Our lending limits are set by our proprietary underwriting engine that outputs a risk adjusted proposal based on multiple factors, particularly your revenues. In other words, we have internal lower/upper limits of how much of your yearly revenues we can advance, and your number will be risk adjusted depending on our evaluation.

Does Flow48 require security for its products?

No. Flow48 does not require any equity or security for our alternative lending products. We request post dated cheques for all deployments depending on your region for compliance purposes.

How are the funding offers generated?

We can provide up to $20 million in funding. Each company is analysed on a case by case basis so once you sign up and connect your platforms, we will create the best tailored offers for you.

When do repayments begin?

Repayments start on the date agreed in your offer letter. Repayments are on a monthly basis for RBF and end of tenor for IBF.

How long does the application process take?

You can receive an offer in as little as 48 hours of submitting your application. Our team may reach out to you during this process for additional information.

Does my business qualify?

Flow48 is built for your business needs, and unlike banks, we understand your needs. Flow48 can fund businesses with at least 1 year of trading history and at least $100,000 in annual revenues.

How do I access funds?

Our whole process is designed to deliver the best user experience. Once you accept an offer online or offline, we can deliver the funds directly into your preferred bank account.

What percentage of revenue do I need to share with Flow48?

Typically clients share between 5-20% of monthly revenues. The actual number can be tailored for your businesses growth needs.

Can I access more funding as my business grows?

Yes. At Flow48, our goal is to become partners in your growth. As your business grows reach out to your account manager to discuss your options.

Are there any additional fees?

No. At Flow48 our goal is to become your partners in growth, not a one time lender. We offer a flat fee for RBF and IBF. You will know how much our funding will cost you up front in your offer letter.